“Pitch” the ideas: Project presentations on Friday, March 4

On March 4, all the 2nd year projects from theme Realities will give “elevator pitch” presentations to each other and to their coaches:

9.30-9.35: Meeting and general intro
9h35-9h40: Intro New Entrpreneurs
9:40-9:50: New Entrpreneurs 1 (Kirsten) – second years group that work with 2 chinese students
9:50-9.55: Feedback
9:55-10.05: New Entrpreneurs 2 (Kirsten) – second years group that work with 2 chinese students
10:05-10:10: Feedback

10:10-10:15: Intro ID’X
10.15-10.25: ID’X (heleen)
10:25-10:30: Feedback
10.30-10.40: ID’X (Matthias)
10:40-10:45: Feedback
10.45-10.55: ID’X (Jorge)
10:55-11:00: Feedback

Arduino quick start course, Monday October 4, HG3.21

arduinoFrom dr. Geert Langereis:

As discussed with you, I will give a short workshop about the Arduino microcontroller next Monday. I will give a presentation of about an hour, afterwards we will connect our Arduino’s and make the first LEDs blink. It may be helpful for you if you have a laptop, USB cable (80ct at the Hal) and an Arduino board (new ones available at Service Desk).

Where: HG3.21 (in the front of the USI space)

When: Monday, October 4, 13:00-15:00

We will install the Arduino Programming Environment together, but if you have time, you could already download it here http://arduino.cc/en/Main/Software. Version 0020 is the newest, and is the only valid one if you have the newest Arduino Uno board (and not the previous Arduino Duemilanove)


On Friday, Sept 4, we will be kicking-off the projects in the Orange space:

10:30am-11:00am Presentation by Jun HU about the theme
11:00am-12:30pm Presentation by prof.dr. Matthias Rauterberg about Reality and Design
13:00pm-15:00pm Arranging the space; Coach meeting the students

Looking forward to a successful semester.

Elevator-pitch presentations

On Thursday, May 20th, theme Realities is going to organize elevator-pitch presentations. You will be asked to present your project in 3 minutes, and the coaches (not only the one coaching your project, but the coaches from other projects as well) will comment on your project and give you some feedback. This activity is not to access your project, but to help you to prepare your project better for the final exhibition.

The schedule is as follows.

10:00am-11:00am, 1st year projects. All the 1st year students are required to be present. Others are welcome.

11:00am-12:00am, 2nd and 3rd year projects. All the 2nd and 3rd year students are required to be present. Others are welcome. If you do have a good reason not to present your project, please contact your coach.

Skills Market: Thursday, May 6

On Thursday, May 6, we are going to organize a skills market for all the students in the theme Realities. The idea is that coaches in the theme would be available during certain time slots in the space Orange, to give an inspiring presentation, to show you certain skills to get things done, or simply to answer your (practical) questions. No subscription is needed. No obligations.

What will be offered:

  • 0900-1000: Presentation by Matthias Rauterberg: Realism
  • 1000-1300: Lucian Reindl: From 2D to 3D
  • 1000-1300: Joep Frens: Cardboard modeling
  • 1300-1400: Saskia Bakker: consultancy on how to involve the user in your project
  • 1400-1600: Jun Hu: Consultancy, software engineering and programming, (processing, java, arduino etc.)

The program is subject to change. Please check the realities website for the latest update:

Come to pick up the skills. All for free.

Hello Realities.

“Many realities exist.  People continuously shift, among sometimes physical, sometimes virtual or even spiritual realities. Design manipulates the boundaries between the realties, creating experiences that are not experienced otherwise.” — Jun Hu

“Realities are in a steady flow and therefore a essential part of the design process.” — Gregor Görres

“The theme Realities for me is about the changing nature of our everyday world, and the way design participates in these changes. Design is about transforming everyday reality into a better one, based on a vision on progress, and incorporating technological possibilities in a skilled and elegant way.” — Philip Ross

“People see realities in completely different ways – each reality appears to be true!  How can we design objects and systems in an intelligent way to adept to individual realities to enrich everyday life?” — Lucian Reindl

“Our theme ‘realities’ is about that what is, and that what could be. Design has the power of societal transformation. In ‘realities’ we aim to use this power to make positive change. ” — Joep Frens