Hello Realities.

“Many realities exist.  People continuously shift, among sometimes physical, sometimes virtual or even spiritual realities. Design manipulates the boundaries between the realties, creating experiences that are not experienced otherwise.” — Jun Hu

“Realities are in a steady flow and therefore a essential part of the design process.” — Gregor Görres

“The theme Realities for me is about the changing nature of our everyday world, and the way design participates in these changes. Design is about transforming everyday reality into a better one, based on a vision on progress, and incorporating technological possibilities in a skilled and elegant way.” — Philip Ross

“People see realities in completely different ways – each reality appears to be true!  How can we design objects and systems in an intelligent way to adept to individual realities to enrich everyday life?” — Lucian Reindl

“Our theme ‘realities’ is about that what is, and that what could be. Design has the power of societal transformation. In ‘realities’ we aim to use this power to make positive change. ” — Joep Frens