DPA39 Spotlight Navigation


Developing novel interaction paradigms for Conante’s ‘Spotlight Navigation’ concept.

Brief Description:

Spotlight Navigation as defined by Conante uses a handheld device as a mediator between the physical world and the digital in a smart home environment. When pointed at a surface in the home, the device projects a circular ‘spotlight’ which reveals connections between smart objects. With the aid of simple interactions based on explicit design semantics and abstracted models of connectivity, the device can create, activate and break these wireless connections.

The aim of the project is to develop meaningful mental models of the smart environment and interaction paradigms which will allow the user to understand, and interact with the ‘internet of things’ present in their home on a level that is more intuitive and appealing to sensory-motor skills than complex menu structures.


product semantics, user interaction, smart home, interaction design, semiotics


Student: Erik Kogler

Ph.D: Gerrit Niezen, Bram van der Vlist

Coach: Jun Hu

Client: Conante

Client video