Growing Systems

Brief Description

Designing for systems is a new challenge for design. As systems are dynamic and open the design challenge is different than the challenge of designing (interactive) products. Amongst others, systems are not bound to one location in input and in output and they can grow in size and in functionality.

Imagine the case of a media system offering audio and video functionality and it has the potential of offering much more functionality (time-shifted TV, internet chatting, etc. etc.). Design a ëlocus of interactioní (a remote control) for this system that offers meaningful interaction but that has the ability to grow and to be as dynamic and open as the system it controls. Use the principles from the framework of rich interaction as the basis for this.

Objectives / Specifics

(project objectives; learning goals)
To understand what a growing system is, and to design a meaningful locus of interaction for it


A locus of interaction for a growing system, in this case a media center