Hollywood principles

This presentation was given at the first ID Colloquium. For more details see IDZine.

“The Industrial Design department has started a series of colloquia, aimed at ID staff and ID Master students. The idea is to exchange information about research efforts and inspire one another through quests and discussion. It is a tight formula. In only sixty minutes three presentations are given. One of the presenters was dr. Jun Hu, assistant professor with the Designed Intelligence capacity group.

Jun was asked to raise an issue that would provoke questions and discussion in the department. For that reason he did not elaborate on the software engineering research he is conducting but focused in his presentation on the various languages that are used within the ID department. He used the so-called ‘Hollywood principle’ as a starting point. His conclusion is that three different languages are spoken within ID: a verbal language (describing in words), a software engineering oriented language (presenting the events in a flow chart) and a mathematical language (presenting the events in a most strict and indisputable manner).

Each language has its own advantages and disadvantages. In order to communicate well within the department, the need for common ground is essential. We all need to be capable to communicate in the three languages sufficiently.”