Consumption Monitor

Brief Description

Design a device that can monitor the rate of consumption of toothpaste. The device should be versatile but it should not influence the rate of consumption itself. This project asks for a very pro-active approach. It is essential that the daily routine around the use of toothpaste is well undestood at the very beginning of the project. This could be accomplished by a series of observations and interviews at peopless homes. After the routine is understood and documented it should be taken as the starting point for design. Please consider the requirements below for this phase.

The device should:

  • cost less than 35€ per unit
  • work with conventional toothpaste tubes (50ml,75ml)
  • work with two tubes
  • fit in naturally to a European bathroom/toothbrushing
  • fit in naturally to a developing country bathroom/toothbrushing
  • is able to to work for 1 month continuously
  • is able to store one month of data for an average family(2+2)
  • be able to monitor consumption g or ml as a function of time
  • be able to monitor time toothpaste tube is in hand

Objectives / Specifics

(project objectives; learning goals)
To explore and understand the daily routine around the use of toothpaste and to design an appropriate device to monitor the consumption rate.


A product, system or service that can acurately monitor the rate of consumption of toothpaste and that fits the requirements outlined above.

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