A Product That Remembers…

Brief Description

What would happen when a product in your home, remembers your daily patterns, remembers what you did, remembers where you were…

This can be scary (think of Big Brother), but this can also be very helpful and pleasant, such as when someone remembers your birthday. In this project we will focus on this positive angle. Imagine: you are looking for your keys and you cannot find them. Luckily you have this product that remembers how people move through the house and you can literally retrace your steps.

In this product you will come up with a concept of a product that remembers things/activities in the home environment and you will implement a working demonstrator.

The students have to use theories of Episodic and Autobiographical memories while creating a concept that appeals or helps to humans every life. Episodic memory refers to remembering recent events from own experiences. Autobiographical memory refers to remembering the whole history of somebody from a personal, possibly emotional perspective. Experimental evidence shows that even very important events of some bodies life are recollected differently in time, and depend on the perception and emotional state of the person. Can a product be helpful with this respect, by remembering the right information and reminding the right feeling together with the experiences.

Objectives / Specifics

(project objectives; learning goals)
(1) To investigate theories of episodic/autobiographical memories
(2) To make a hypothesis on what king of memory related behavior will appeal to a chosen target group of people and create a product that can show this memory-like behavior.
(3) To test the hypothesis


A prototype of an object with a (desirable) kind of memory
A report that features the literature study, idea generation and the prototype and the results of the hypothesis testing

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