Semantic Resources

The next revolution in the internet, web 3.0, would be the creation of an internet of things. This means that all devices will become smart and will be able to communicate with each other. This internet of things is being worked out in a project called SOFIA, in which the ID department is involved at the moment.  It opens up an opportunity to raise the awareness of our daily use of resources and energy. Data can be gathered from all devices that use resources and this can be communicated to the user. The challenge in this project is to design this communication in a meaningful and playful manner.

My personal approach in this project is largely based on the term Information Decoration. I want to use resource data to create a design that is decorative at first glance and also provides information when looking closer. I’ve decided to focus on hot water usage in the house, because this is a resource that people are very unaware of. It’s also makes up a large part of the total resource consumption of a household and it’s not difficult to reduce the consumption when people are made aware.  My goal is to make people aware of which devices use what amount of resources and thereby giving input to enable more sustainable behavior.

Willem Willemsen
Coach: Jun Hu
Clients: Gerrit Niezen, Bram van der Vlist