Creative Learning by an Augmented Space System


This project is under development and part of the Final Masters Project preparations in the M2.1 semester. The project will run at the Research Centre for Product Design & Engineering, Utrecht, where the I’ll be working during.

Within this project an interactive product will be developed which offers support in concretizing and defining the design challenge during projects. See it as a bread-crumb dispenser from Hans & Gretel during the creative process, can you create those crumbs at decisive moments which you can retrieve when lost on your path? The product will be integrated into a physical, concept space, in which designers, contractors and end-users can come to shared insights as part of the design project. The Concept space used will be at the “Hogeschool Utrecht”, which functions as a testing ground for studying and testing prototypes and the users.

Overcoming culture shock

Overcoming culture shock

The goal of my M2.2 graduation project is to investigate how asynchronous communication tools and awareness of each other daily routines can minimize the effects of culture shock between sojourner and distant family.

As context for this project I choose young Chinese expats living in the Netherlands. I conducted various interviews, focus group and survey. Currently I am in the process of deploying a technology probe to test various assumptions. I will exhibit this prototype during upcoming interim exhibition.

Martijn ten Bhömer, M2.2 graduation project coached by Elise van den Hoven

DPA22 Interactive Presentation Remote (Hand-Held-Pro)


Model photos

Remote that enhances (feeling of) control and interaction between presenter and his presentation. For the exhibition on April 8 & 9 I will be demonstrating two or three models on which I’d like to have feedback about form & feel. I wil also try to demonstrate the enhanced functionality & interaction using a working presentation setup.

Project: DPA22 Hand-Held-Pro
Coach: Maurits de Koning

Hugo Romer
h.w.romer [at] student [dot] tue [dot] nl

DPC13 Contextual Information Exchange

Transforming clock

Context as it supports us in our understanding of concrete information is lost over distance. By using and transforming daily used objects we transfer these contextual events. As a support to this contextual information, we enable the exchange of actions from a virtual to the real world and visa versa.

B2.2 Bart Hellings, Jaap Norbruis, Hugo Christiaans.

Client: A. Juarez Cordova  Coach: J. Hu

DPA24 New concepts for an operator accepted machine safety.

safety for machine operators

safety for machine operators

There is already a lot of safety within a factory but 30% of the time it’s been sabotaged by the workers because its seen as irritating and annoying.

The goal of the project is therefore to create new concepts which improve safety for machine operators and support their workflow.

Mark Studer 3.2

coach L. Reindl

DPA22 – Designing held in hand portable DJ-Gear

DJ Gear

DJ Gear

DJ Gear

In the dark

B11 Project Hand Held Pro – Designing held in hand portable DJ-Gear

This project is about making a DJ able to move around and even go into his audience.
This DJ-Gear should be a portable, held in hand dj mixing table for professional DJ’s.
A pro would be if this device would improve the show around the DJ.
The focus of this project is about the form of this device and how the interaction is.

Everyday Audio



M12 Reasearch Project.

Explorations about how audio can be linked to everyday objects to provide peripheral information while interacting with them.

The research is focusing on how the qualities or atributes of the real soundscapes can be extrapolated into an abstract sounds and still keep the percepion of the soundscape towards the activity.

by Eñaut Arratibel Kortabarria (s099010)

C3 – Creative Color Changing



The C3 (C-cube) project aims to use ‘E-skin’, a cutting edge color changing technology developed by Philips, to improve the output qualities of tangible interaction artifacts. It will allow the communication of information to the user through the visual appearance of the tangible artifact itself by changing its color or even making it transparent! In this project, research is done on the possible applications and implications of e-skin on tangible interaction.

Conversation Cubes

Concept drawing for the conversation cubes

Concept drawing for the conversation cubes

This project aims at designing a product for parents and teenagers that facilitates communicating in a pleasant way about the past and experiences of the parents.

With the conversation cubes parents and teenagers can explore photographs of the individual and joint experiences of the family members in a surprising way.

Connie Golsteijn, M22

Previous client related student projects

The PDF presentation shows some visuals of previous “Realities” projects from 2009-2010:

Operation Space – Client: ONDAL

– M1.1 Project – focus interaction design

– M1.1 Project – focus research on interaction

Enriched Exhibition – Client: Schokoladenmuseum, Köln

– B3.2 Final Bachelor Project – focus form and interaction

– B1 Project – focus teamwork, abstraction, concept development

Spacial Interaction – a tab    Partner: SieMatic, Corean

– M22 Final Master Project – – focus interaction, form, construction

ACTION AUDIO GROUP 1, pressure cooker

February 19, 2010


This pressure cooker was designed to broaden the view in this project. By going through the design process in one day we can see where there are difficulties.

The aim of this project is to design a sound system that provides subtle but relevant information in the home environment.
This lead to the question: what things within the home environment are relevant and useful to perceive during your daily task? For a lot of these tasks visuals are good enough and would not be improved by sound applications.

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Hand Held Pro DPA 22

A design project: concentrating on concept-finding as a basis for a form development.  We focus on ergonomics, shaping and usability, based on an intelligent product concept.

Idea generation, sketching, form-giving, production technology…are main topics of the project. It is to develop a concept and to design a hand held object, dedicatet to a special user group – such as professional users.

Problem definition, briefing and a structured design process is part of the project – but focus is on the form giving process from idea through form exploration – from rough to detail.

The project by intention focusses in “classic” design skills in the field of form design. It’s dedicated to first years students in the bachelor program to strengthen the ability to deliver intelligent interactive design concepts including an industrial standard design level.