an exploration into textiles and electronics by
Paula Kassenaar
Paula Segura Meccia

The front part of the hoodie is a knitted variable resistor. Its resistance varies when you toy with it. This changing resistance value is used to change the intensity of the light strip in the front edge of the hoodie.

skôn means beautiful in dutch dialect, and in swedish skön also means nice or beautiful. This relates to both our cultural backgrounds.

camera: Gordon Tiemstra
model: Elien Vergeer
music: one evening by feist

Eindhoven University of Technology
Department of Industrial Design
Wearable Senses

one week module in Spring 2010
given by Michel Peeters, Carl Meegens and others

Bowling across Realities

YouTube Preview Image

Video taken by Christoph Bartneck.

Across the virtual and the real: Literature review

Jun Hu, 2009

I went through some research papers related to the topic. The following is some reading notes, some of which is simply the abstract but most of which is not. The key ideas in the paper are emphasized with bold font face.

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Previous client related student projects

The PDF presentation shows some visuals of previous “Realities” projects from 2009-2010:

Operation Space – Client: ONDAL

- M1.1 Project – focus interaction design

- M1.1 Project – focus research on interaction

Enriched Exhibition – Client: Schokoladenmuseum, Köln

- B3.2 Final Bachelor Project – focus form and interaction

- B1 Project – focus teamwork, abstraction, concept development

Spacial Interaction – a tab    Partner: SieMatic, Corean

- M22 Final Master Project – - focus interaction, form, construction