Arduino Workshop: Presentation Slides

If you have missed the workshop by dr. Geert Langereis on Monday, Oct 4, you might want to have a look at his presentation slides: 2010-Arduino Workshop Langereis (PDF, 1.2M)


Arduino quick start course, Monday October 4, HG3.21

arduinoFrom dr. Geert Langereis:

As discussed with you, I will give a short workshop about the Arduino microcontroller next Monday. I will give a presentation of about an hour, afterwards we will connect our Arduino’s and make the first LEDs blink. It may be helpful for you if you have a laptop, USB cable (80ct at the Hal) and an Arduino board (new ones available at Service Desk).

Where: HG3.21 (in the front of the USI space)

When: Monday, October 4, 13:00-15:00

We will install the Arduino Programming Environment together, but if you have time, you could already download it here Version 0020 is the newest, and is the only valid one if you have the newest Arduino Uno board (and not the previous Arduino Duemilanove)


About Reality and Design — Presentation by prof.dr. Matthias Rauterberg

2010-DI-reality, PDF, 1M